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Monday, October 10, 2011

Social Media Networking - Getting out of comfort zone

I’m a hard core techie guy with a passion for creating software. This was working great for me until I decided to start my own software business. Running a software business is more than just writing high quality software. There is a crucial component to be considered - Marketing.

In the past 4 or 5 years the marketing landscape has changed considerably. The latest trend is to use social media tools to network with potential clients. This is also referred to as social media marketing.

An introvert by nature, all the buzz about social media marketing was churning my stomach.  I’ve always stayed away from Facebooks and Twitters because I simply couldn’t understand  how sharing personal stuff would be beneficial to anyone including myself.  I realized quickly after starting my business that I was dead wrong. While I have a lot of experience in the legal IT space, I certainly lack experience in marketing and reaching out to others. Fortunately, I found great marketing tips from social media pioneers like Jason Fried, Peldi and Dharmesh Shah, to name a few.  They clearly outline ways to approach Social media marketing and explain the benefits of doing so.  Their success stories are highly motivating.

 I decided to start writing blogs and tweeting in order to share my knowledge with my users.  I know I have to embrace social media and inbound marketing principles or be left far behind.
Since this is one of my first few attempts at creative writing, I hope readers forgive me for my novice writing skills.

In my future posts, among other things, I will write about the theory and practice of using social media marketing for running a small business.

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