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Thursday, November 03, 2011

Convert Word documents to PDF with a single click!

We are very excited about launching ConvertSmart - our first freebie for Word 2010.

ConvertSmart is a plugin for Word that allows you to save Word documents as PDF documents, which can be viewed in Adobe Reader.  This plugin uses Word 2010's native conversion program (currently available from File-Save As-Change filetype to PDF) to convert Word documents to PDF documents.

The plugin is installed as a red "PDF" button on the Home tab in the Word ribbon.

Although, Word 2010 provides conversion from Word doc to PDF, this process takes multiple steps. ConvertSmart offers a one-click solution to convert from Word documents to PDF documents. Since this plugin uses the native Word program, the PDF retains all the formatting and styles of the original Word document.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind about ConvertSmart -
  • Bookmarks - If you use a PDF convertor like Acrobat Pro, your table of contents are converted to bookmarks in the PDF - this functionality is not available in this utility or Word PDF converter.
  • Since Microsoft introduced the PDF conversion process in Word 2010, this plugin works only with Word 2010 and does not support earlier versions.
Please click here to download ConvertSmart. We hope you enjoy this utility. If you want additional features, please email us at