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Friday, February 17, 2012

Persist Outlook Zoom setting via ZoomIn

One of the most common complaints I have heard from some of my clients who have migrated to Outlook 2010 is that it's not possible to save the zoom settings for reading emails. When you open an email to read and change its zoom setting to improve the readability, the zoom setting is not saved - so if you close the email and open another email, the zoom defaults back to 100% (The default zoom setting). This can be a frustrating experience especially for people who have a hard time reading on screen. I've seen some of my clients squinting and blowing a fuse as they have to repeat the process of increasing zoom percentage every time they open a new message.

To address this problem, we have developed an addin to Outlook 2010 called ZoomIn ( This addin creates a button called "Save Zoom" next to Outlook's Zoom button that will let you save your preferred zoom setting for all emails going forward. Simply select your preferred zoom setting using Outlook's zoom, then click on Save Zoom to persist your zoom setting.

One thing to note is that this addin does not save the zoom settings for the reading pane yet. We are looking into this, but for now, this addin works only for reading emails.

Happy Reading! No more Squinting!


  1. Excellent! Please release a 64-bit version. Keep working on a solution to the reading pane limitation. (Thank you for addressing something that Microsoft has not...)

    1. Erik,
      I am glad you find this utility useful. We should have the 64 bit version up on our site shortly. Please send me an email at and I can let you know when it's up.


    2. We just published the Outlook 64bit version of ZoomIn. You can read more about it at

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  3. Just getting back to this now... Thank you for your quick turnaround on the 64-bit version! It is unfortunate that nothing can be done regarding permanent zoom on the reading pane in Outlook 2010.