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Friday, June 22, 2012

ZoomIn - New Version Released!

We just released ZoomIn version 1.2 with a couple of enhancements and bug fixes -
  1. "Sent Mails" - Prior to version 1.2, the "SaveZoom" functionality was not being applied to messages in the "Sent Mails" folder. With the upgrade, you can save zoom settings for messages in the "Sent Mails" folder also.
  2. "Next Previous buttons" - A lot of our users use the "Next" and "Previous" arrow buttons in Outlook's Quick Access Toolbar (at the top of the message window) to read messages and requested that "SaveZoom" be applied when using Next/Previous buttons. The ZoomIn upgrade now applies desired zoom settings to messages that are being accessed using "Next" and "Previous" buttons.
  3. Dragging mails to the Desktop - We resolved a bug report from one of our users who was trying to delete an email copied to the desktop. We will have more information about this issue in a later blog post.
If you have purchased a license of ZoomIn, this upgrade is included as part of your lifetime upgrade guarantee. Please upgrade your ZoomIn to the latest version to take advantage of the fixes and new functionalities.  After installing the latest version, you can use the same license key that was sent to you. The downloads are available from Outlook Zoom Install Page.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Just Released! ZoomIn for Outlook 2007

Good news!! We have just released ZoomIn for Outlook 2007.  I know a lot of you have written to us asking for this update. We certainly appreciate your patience and understanding. Please download and start using ZoomIn for Outlook 2007. As always, we appreciate your feedback.