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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Microsoft Outlook Zoom – Overview

In this series of blog posts, we will talk about the different aspects of the Zoom functionality in
Microsoft Outlook 2007 and 2010. With Outlook 2007/2010, Microsoft made Word the 
default editor for creating and reading emails. As a result of this integration, the zoom functionality has changed from Outlook 2003 and this change has resulted in some confusion.

What is Zoom?
Zoom in Outlook allows you to increase or decrease the size of the text and graphics in an email to
improve readability.

 In Outlook,  zoom is available in the following places:
1. Reading emails:
     a. Reading pane
      b. Reading emails in a separate window
2. Compose Email window ie the window that is displayed when you create a new email or
forward an email or reply to an email
3. Calendar entries

One of the suggestions that I have read is to change the default font rather than change the
default zoom to improve readability. We have a blog post that discusses changing the default font vs changing the zoom setting.

More to come on each of the zoom options listed above.